How to Sell a Business

As your business broker, Brenda will manage the business selling process from start to finish. From packaging your business to attract buyers to negotiating offers by potential buyers to managing the relationships of all of the parties involved, Brenda will be your ally to provide you with trusted advisement and valuable industry information and guidance. Brenda’s years of experience as a business broker and representative of business sellers will help you make the best decisions during the business selling process and maximize the value of your business sale.

Establish Confidentiality

Strict confidentiality practices are followed to ensure the sale of your business remains confidential and private from the start of the process to the successful close of escrow. Confidentiality is understood and adhered to in everything done for you. Your business’ identity and sensitive business information will be protected throughout the process by providing broad overviews of the business which provide just enough information to attract potential buyers but do not sacrifice privacy and confidentiality. From the initial interviews with potential buyers to the marketing and advertising of your business sale, your privacy and confidentiality will be protected. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed by potential buyers prior to receiving any information on the specifics of your business to guarantee the privacy of your information. Buyer Profiles are also requested to understand the background, skill set and financial strength of the potential buyers.

Analyze Your Goals & Exit Strategies

We will work with you to discuss the wide array of options available to you for structuring your business sale. The steps include, but are not limited to, defining the type of acquirer who would be ideal, choosing the type of exit strategy which will be followed discussing the possible tax implications of the business sale, and considering the business owner’s future involvement with the company, such as consulting, and possible employment agreements.

Valuate Your Business

Brenda, your business broker, will analyze the market and your company’s strengths, assets, finances, and more to determine the value of your business to determine the proper selling price. Your business broker’s goal is to help you reach your goals and maximize the value of your business sale. Your business broker will also present a number of recommendations that can help you most effectively increase the value of your business to make your business more attractive to qualified buyers and successfully sell your business.

Recast Your Financial Statements

Most business owners prepare financial statements for tax purposes and they are not designed for business sales. Your financial statements will be recast or normalized to present the true profitability and earning power of your company. Recasting, or normalizing, is a process that looks at the expenses of the operation to determine non-essential or unnecessary business or personal expenses that are paid for currently through the business. The goal is to maximize the financial presentation and make your business as attractive as possible to potential buyers from the financial perspective.

Professional Business Presenting & Packaging

Our goal is to present the most complete and solid picture of where the business is today and where it can be in the future to give the buyer the confidence they need to make an offer and purchase your business. The successful presenting and packaging of your business sale will maximize the business’ strengths and its perceived value in the eyes of the potential buyers, giving the buyer the courage and confidence that is so fundamental in the purchase of any size business in today’s market place.

Advertising & Marketing for Your Business

Your business broker, Brenda, will confidentially advertise and market your business to deliver only the most qualified buyers who are specifically interested in buying your business. Your business will be confidentially promoted on Brenda’s highly visited website, on the world’s leading business marketplace websites, and through Brenda’s powerful business broker network and to harvest database of qualified business buyers. Assurance of strict privacy and complete confidentiality will always be maintained throughout the entire marketing process.

Negotiate Your Business Sale

Brenda is a master negotiator and it has been proven that sellers who negotiate the business sale through a professional intermediary, such as a business broker, are far more likely to put together a more desirable financial package with a maximized return. Brenda will expertly will manage the negations process and communicate with all of the parties involved. During the negotiations, the business broker is the advocate of your positions and needs and will establish, build, and defend the value of the company. This process will ensure that all parties have their need met and goals accomplished.

Closing the Business Sale

Once your goals have been realized and the business broker has successfully closed the negotiations, the business selling process will transition to the due diligence stage, where we will work with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and other parties involved with the process to finalize the details of the deal and complete the transition of ownership. As always, your business broker will always be by your side to support you throughout the process. The due diligence process will be handled efficiently as the buyer inspects the details of the operation and gains the final degree of comfort necessary to complete the transaction.

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