Choosing the Right Professionals to Sell Your Business

posted by Brenda the Broker on 02. Mar, 2012

Most business owners choose to work with professionals to sell your business. The business selling process can be a challenging task to do on your own. There are a number of business, finance, real estate, and legal decisions and issues that come up during the transaction process, and professionals who are experts in their respective fields can help guide you through the process with success.

Here are a few professionals you should consider working with when you sell your business so you have experts helping you make the best decisions for your unique business sale.


An attorney with experience in mergers, acquisitions, and transactions can be a valuable partner for you when you sell your business. Your attorney can answer all of your legal questions and advise you on a number of hurdles you can experience during the business sale process. They can also be helpful when you are choosing the right buyer from the qualified suitors.


There are a number of financial decisions during the business sale process and an accountant with experience in tax codes, especially relating to business transactions, can be a great advisor to have on your side. Your accountant can help you structure your deal to give you the most favorable tax outcome and protect you from unnecessary fees and costs.

Business Broker

When you sell your business, the business broker is the most valuable member of your team for managing the overall business sale process and connecting you with the right attorneys, accountants, and other professionals who can help you. The business broker will help you valuate your business, prepare your business for sale, promote your listing to investors and the market, evaluate the prospective buyers, negotiate the final deal, and advise you throughout the entire process. An experienced and trusted business broker is indispensible for a successful business sale.

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